New Torah Being Written in Memory of Levi Kamensky

A new Sefer Torah is being commissioned in memory of Levi Kamensky a”h who passed away earlier this year after suffering a sudden stroke.

A message from the family of Levi Kamensky:

On October 15 we lost our dear brother, son and friend Levi.

Levi will always be remembered as a kind and gentle soul, always ready to help a fellow Jew and always had a smile on his face.

Levi was passionate about doing mitzvos and bringing Judaism closer to everybody. We believe that writing his Sefer Torah is the most beautiful gift Levi can get. It’s the pillar and foundation of our whole Yiddishkeit that will lift Levi’s neshama to the highest places.

Most importantly, this Torah will be read every week at “Bet Levi Yitzchak” in Rechovot, Israel (a shul without a Torah of its own) where it will bring Yiddishkeit closer to everybody – just as Levi did.

Please come and fulfill this mitzvah together with us at

Thank you!

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