New Summer Learning Retreat for Post-Sem Girls

A 4-Day Summer Learning Retreat for post-seminary girls will take place next week at the impressive Vallevue of Morristown, in Morristown, NJ. The program will be a combination of beautiful amenities, inspiring classes, and unique workshops.

From camps to farbrengens, conventions to school programs, there is a lot available to students and women in the Lubavitch community. Yet there is a lack of opportunities for post-seminary girls to have a fully immersive experience of growth in the summer.

To help fill this lack, a 4-Day Summer Learning Retreat has been organized for post seminary girls during the first week of the summer.

The program, taking place at the impressive Vallevue of Morristown, located in Morristown, NJ, will be a combination of beautiful amenities, inspiring classes, and unique workshops.

The program will be joined by the famed Mechanchim, Rabbi Mendy and Faigy Yusewitz, throughout the duration of the program. It will also be joined by various acclaimed Mashpiim, Rabbanim, and Shluchim, including Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, Rabbi Ephraim Piekarski, Rabbi Avraham Levin, and Rabbi Gershon Avtzon. Noted life coach and writer for, Mrs. Sara Brafman will be sharing her wisdom, as well as Mrs. Baila Piekarski and many others.

The program is packed with intellectually stimulating classes and workshops, with an emphasis on real life, practical topics.

The Rebbe emphasizes the importance of Ruchnius growth during the summer, saying “…From this we can draw a most obvious inference to the importance of the health of the soul. If it is necessary to devote energy to this throughout the year, how much more so is it necessary to strengthen this endeavor with additional power during the time when we are occupied and showing interest in the health of the body.

…to use the days and the opportunity for restoring the health of the body for strengthening the soul, i.e., to add a fixed time for special study during this vacation period. [Also,] one should seek out opportunities to inspire others coming to vacation in your place or surroundings to Torah study, Divine service, and deeds of kindness, each person according to his own situation…”

The program will take place during the auspicious days of Yud Beis-Yud Gimmel Tammuz, the retreat is geared to empower and inspire its participants in fulfilling the mission of Dor Hashvii, of bringing Moshiach now!

Dates: Monday, June 21 – Thursday, June 24, 2021 | 11-14 Tammuz

To register, donate, or find out more information, email Bracha Naparstek and Bryna Horvitz at [email protected]

Register by Wednesday, June 16 to get our early bird pricing: Click here to register.

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