New Steinsaltz App Launched for First Yahrzeit

A new app which offers the commentary of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) on Tanach, Mishna, Gemara, Rambam, Tanya and more, launched in a beta version to mark his first yahrzeit.

By reporter

Throughout his lifetime, Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) made it his mission to “Let My People Know”, spreading the study of Torah as far as possible. A new app launched ahead of his first yahrzeit aims to take that goal one step further.

A teacher, philosopher, social critic and prolific author, Rabbi Steinsaltz was perhaps best known for his monumental commentary on Gemara. He also published a commentary on Tanach, Rambam, Tanya, and authored tens of books and countless articles.

In the months since his passing, his work has been continued by by the Steinsaltz Center. Older works were republished, newer ones were released and new projects begun at a dizzying pace. Among them are a new edition of the Hebrew and English Steinsaltz commentaries on Tanya, a weekly ma’amar from Likkutei Torah with commentary, and in the near future, the publication of the Steinsaltz Mishna in English.

The ‘crown jewel’ of these projects is a new app, launched in a beta version in the days between Rabbi Steinsaltz’s birthday and yahrzeit. The app offers all of Rabbi Steinsaltz’s commentaries on fundamental Jewish works, and a number of his other works as well.

“My father’s mission was to make Torah accessible to every Jew at any stage, and we are taking that to the next step,” Rabbi Meni Even-Israel, director of the Steinsaltz center, told “We want the entire Torah to be not only available on the bookshelf, but also in the palm of your hand.”

The app is modeled to encourage daily learning, whether it is Chitas, 3 perokim of Rambam, an Amud of Gemara, or a study schedule in Tanach. Users are encouraged to pick a cycle, and the app facilitates the continued learning.

Besides for offering the text of the books, the app also contains thousands of illustrations and pictures, and the tens of thousands explanatory notes printed in the original works.

At the moment, the app is in beta mode, with more features and works by Rabbi Steinsaltz being added every week. The goal is to eventually have a large bulk of Rabbi Steinsaltz’s works. For the time being, the app is offered free of charge, although in the future some features may come with a minimal charge.

“The app has something to offer for everyone,” Rabbi Meni Even-Israel said. “Whether you are learning your daily Chumash, Tanya or Rambam, or you are just looking to study a daf Gemara or a perek Tanya, download the app and discover how the topic is illuminated in a new light with the commentary of my father a”h.”

The app is available on the Google Play Store and on Apple Apps.

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