New Song Calls to “Bring Down the Alef” into the Galus

Rabbi Yoey Muchnik’s new song wraps together deep foundational concepts from Chassidus, catchy lyrics, a dance-worthy melody, and incredible instrumentals.

California shliach/songwriter Rabbi Yoey Muchnik, blends all these elements together in his newest joyful release, “Megolah Legeulah.” Building off the teaching that the only difference between Galus – exile – and Geulah – redemption, is the ALEF, the song urges us to “bring down the Alef, Aluf Haolam – Hashem.”

The inspiring lyrics issue a call to each of us to “go find that spark, don’t let it hide, make its inner purpose be revealed outside.”

Listeners of every age group are sure to find themselves belting out the lyrics, being captivated by an incredible guitar solo, and giving it their all to bring down the Alef and bring the Geulah!

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Megolah Legeulah

Composer: Yoey Muchnik

Vocals: Yoey Muchnik

Production: Izzy D Studios

Cover Art: Moishe Muchnik

Guitar Solo: YC Sufrin

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