New Song Inspires Connection to Hashem

A new song, entitled “Tefillah’s My Connection”, expresses our longing to feel Hashem’s closeness and how we gain strength through connecting to Hashem when davening.

By Rabbi Levi Zaltzman

In a time of pain and confusion, we look for support, comfort and guidance from Hashem. Davening is and has always been the foundation of our connection. When I tune in and take to heart the words of the Siddur, my connection is secured and I can find the comfort and direction that I crave. 

In Hashem’s hands, I am always protected.

It is our hope that this song will help inspire others in their avodas haTefilah and their connection to Hashem. 

The songs was recorded לזכות רפואה שלימה וקרובה למושקא בת נחמה דינה וחי’ שרה מלכה בת ברכה לאה חוה

May these days leading up to Kabolas haTorah be days of refuos and yeshuos for all who need, and may we see Hashem’s love and protection for our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel and all over the world. May we celebrate the ultimate yeshua of Moshiach now!

Tefillah’s My Connection 

Content: Rabbi Levi Zaltzman 
Lyrics: Mrs. M. Zaltzman and Mrs. Elana Rosenberg
Music and vocals: Rabbi Moshe Goldstein- Music Studio NYC

A yearning deep within
I want to do what’s right,
but sometimes I’m in darkness and confused I need more light.
Hashem I turn to You,
to find the strength to fight,
As my loving father I beg please hold me tight,
I’m searching for connection,
focus and direction,
my siddur guides me through,

Tefillah’s my connection,
I want to be close to You,
Davening’s my protection,
my growing bond through and through.
Everything I have,
my life, all that I am,
I owe to You Hashem.

With each Tefilah I say I feel closer than before,
You’re love to me I feel I am certain, I am sure.
No matter when and where,
I know that you are here,
My father, You love and care.

Chorus: Tefillah’s my connection…

Now throughout the day,
my Davening guides the way,
I’m empowered It’s so clear,
I know why I am here.
It’s real, deep and true,
it helps pull me through –
the challenges I face.

Hashem you know me best,
Only good you’ve given me,
I have the strength I need,
to be all that I can be.
How lucky and rich I am,
a yid a precious Jew
Hashem Hashem, I LOVE YOU!

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