New Shluchim Will Serve Rapidly Growing California Communities

The growth of Saugus and the North S. Clarita Valley in California have brought thousands of new Jewish residents as well. Rabbi Mendy and Mirel Bistritzky will establish a new Chabad House to bring Yiddishkeit to the area.

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In recent years, the communities of Saugus and the North S. Clarita Valley in California have seen a tremendous population boom. Now, a couple will be moving there on shlichus, intending to establish a new Chabad House to serve the local Jewish residents.

Located in northwestern Los Angeles County, Saugus is one of the four communities that merged in 1987 to create the city of S. Clarita. With an estimated 2019 population of 212,979, S. Clarita is the third-largest city by population in Los Angeles County, and the 21st-largest in the state of California.

The new shluchim are Rabbi Mendy and Mirel Bistritzky, together with their children Yaisef and Leibel. They will be opening a new Chabad House that will service Saugus and the North S. Clarita Valley.

Having both grown up in the area, the Bistritzkys are ready for their new shlichus in California. Mendy grew up in Oak Park in the Valley, where his parents Rabbi Shlomo and Tovi Bistritzky headed Chabad of Oak Park, before founding and heading Chabad of North Ranch. Mirel grew up just a short distance away in S. Clarita Valley, where her parents Rabbi Choni and Frumi Marozov serve as shluchim.

“Saugus and the North S. Clarita Valley have grown immensely in recent years and with thousands of Jews already living there, we are confident that now is the time to open a Chabad House,” Rabbi Bistritzky told “With exciting programming and soulful energy, Chabad of Saugus will be the place to be, where people will come and get in touch with their neshamos.”

“With your generous spirit and open heart we will build a community on the foundations of Chassidus and unconditional love. With so many young families who already live or are moving to Saugus, know that you will have had a hand in empowering so many of these families to live more Jewishly and joyously,” Rabbi Bistritzky said.

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