New Shluchim Will Serve as Youth Directors in Knoxville, TN

Rabbi Mendel and Mimi (nee Sputz) Pinson were appointed as Youth Directors at Chabad of Knoxville, TN, lead by  Rabbi Yossi and Miriam Esther Wilhelm.

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Rabbi Mendel and Mimi (nee Sputz) Pinson, along with their son Yaakov, will be moving to Knoxville, TN, to serve as Youth Directors at Chabad of Knoxville.

The Pinons will be working under the guidance of shluchim Rabbi Yossi and Miriam Esther Wilhelm to expand the teen, youth, and children’s programming.

Knoxville is a city with Southern charm and friendly people, known for its natural beauty and famous as “the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains.” It is also home to the University of Tennessee and the nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In the twenty-two years since Rabbi Yossi and Miriam Esther Wilhelm moved to Knoxville, Chabad has electrified the community and lifted Yidden to new heights. Many unaffiliated Jews have become involved in Jewish life and the small community has grown to approximately 2,500 Jews. Almost every Yid is connected to Chabad in one way or another.

One of the outstanding accomplishments of Chabad has been successfully opening and running the first Jewish day school in Knoxville. The school is one of a handful of Chabad-run community day schools in the US geared towards the broader community. Thanks to Chabad, Knoxville is one of the smallest Jewish communities in the US with a Jewish Day School.

The connections formed during elementary school make Cteen of Knoxville a natural next step in keeping the youth of the community connected to Yiddishkeit. An astounding fifty percent of Jewish teens in Knoxville participate in Cteen programs. As Cteen continues to grow and as the Chabad activities grow there is a real need for another Shluchim couple.

“As the needs of our teens and youth in the community continue to grow, it has become vital to have an energetic team of dedicated youth directors who are passionate to help grow Yiddishkeit among our youth and teens. Their ideals, goals, and talents make Rabbi Mendel and Mimi the perfect new Shluchim to take on this position. We, and our children, are excited to have the Pinsons join us as Shluchim in Knoxville, Tennessee,” Rabbi Wilhelm said.

“Our vision is to empower the youth by giving them opportunities to lead, thereby instilling in them a passion for Judaism,” Mendel said. “We are passionate about making Judaism a fun and wholesome experience. We can’t wait to hit the ground running in Knoxville!”

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