New Shluchim To Worthing, West Sussex, England

Rabbi Shaya and Mushky Gourarie were recently appointed as Shluchim to Worthing, West Sussex, England, and will be establishing the town’s first Chabad presence.

Rabbi Shaya and Mushky Gourarie have been appointed to establish a new Chabad Center in the picturesque town of Worthing, UK serving Jewish families across West Sussex County on the English Channel coast.

The Gouraries were appointed by Chabad of Brighton Head Shliach Rabbi Pesach and Penina Efune.

In addition to creating the first ever presence of Chabad in the neighbouring town of Worthing, Rabbi Shaya and Mushky’s shlichus will include directing youth related programming in Chabad House of Brighton; the JKids Sunday Cheder, Camp Gan Israel, CTeen and reaching out to young families.

“Following the growth of the Jewish Community here in Brighton and in the outlying communities, we embarked on a mission to find a young, dynamic, and enthusiastic couple, to help expand our activities and to serve nearby Worthing,” Rabbi Efune said.

“We are indeed extremely fortunate to have identified Rabbi Shaya and Mushky Gourarie as the ideal team that we were looking for and are delighted that they accepted our call to join us. We know that they will bring new fresh ideas and with their warmth and charisma they will create an environment in which everybody will feel welcome and valued,” he said.

The Seaside city of Brighton is known for its diverse and progressive culture and community, sticking out in the English countryside with its flamboyant and lively attitude. Worthing, where the Gouraries will open its first Chabad center, sits a few minutes up the coast, boasting its own maturing vibrant community, harmoniously growing alongside its big sister, Brighton.

Rabbi Shaya and Mushky, with Rivka and Mendel, their sweet little children, will be heading to these burgeoning communities within the following few months, ready to bring the Rebbe’s light and warmth to the entire West Sussex County. 

Rabbi Efune concluded “We are all looking forward to welcoming them both and feel that within a short time they will be making a massive positive impact in our community.”

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  1. We much appreciated Rabbi Gourarie’s visit to deliver some shemura motzahs to us right in the country near Chichester. We wish him great success and hope he may be able to revive the community that existed in Chichestet before 1290.

  2. I would like to meet the Rabbi at some time in the near future so that I can understand more about the Jewish people and their way of life. I am a Worthing citizen and a Christian,
    Kindest Regards,
    Bob Mills.

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