New Shluchim to Northernmost Jewish Community in the World

In honor of the upcoming birthdays of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin, Rabbi Heshy and Chani Wolf will be moving on shlichus to Fairbanks, Alaska, the northernmost Jewish community in the world.

A gift to The Rebbe and The Rebbetzin: New Shluchim to Fairbanks, Alaska, the most northern Jewish community in the world.

In honor of the upcoming birthdays of The Rebbe and Rebbetzin, the 25th of Adar and the 11th of Nissan, Rabbi Heshy and Chani Wolf will be moving on shlichus to start a new Chabad Jewish Center in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Wolfs were appointed by Rabbi Yosef and Esther Greenberg, head Shilach to the state of Alaska. The Wolfs are joining the shluchim in Alaska who are running the Chabad Jewish Centers in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley.

Since the summer of 1970, The Rebbe has sent “Merkos Shluchim”, young traveling Rabbis, to visit members of the Jewish Community in Fairbanks and provide spiritual and religious services. Throughout the years, young Chabad traveling Rabbis continued to work in Fairbanks appointed by Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin of Seattle and later, by Rabbi Yosef Greenberg.

Forty-eight years ago, before Purim of 1976, Rabbi Moshe Feller of Minnesota sent a report to the Rebbe that Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum will be traveling for Purim to Fairbanks, Alaska, to read the Megillah for members of the Jewish Community there. The Rebbe responded “ונכון במאד מאד”, “It is very, very important.”

The Wolfs were welcomed with open arms by members of the Fairbanks Jewish Community during their visits to Fairbanks last summer, and again this winter, and are planning to permanently move this summer to start the Fairbanks Jewish Center – Chabad Lubavitch.

The Greenbergs and the Wolfs are expressing their appreciation to Mr. Jay Ramras, a founding member of the Fairbanks community, who is very enthusiastic about the opening of the new Chabad Jewish Center in Fairbanks. Mr. Ramras who was himself Bar Mitzvah’d by Chabad and has encountered many Chabad traveling rabbis in Fairbanks throughout the years lends his full support to the establishment of a new Chabad Jewish center in Fairbanks.

With the opening of the new Chabad center in Fairbanks, Alaska, we see the ultimate fulfilment of the Rebbe’s motto of “Ufaratzta… you will spread out to the west, to the east, and to the north…” with the arrival of Schluchim in Fairbanks, the most northern Jewish community in the world, which no doubt will hasten the immediate coming of Mashiach.

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  1. it is NOT the most northern Jewish community, there are at least 2 others…. but why can’t it ” be the big deal that they are going out on the rebbes shlichus? why does everyone need to make things up? insecurities? soon it will be “the first bris then the first upshern etc…

    1. At best there’s one other one: Murmansk (Russia). The other ones that call themselves “northernmost,” Trondheim (Norway) and Arkhangelsk (Russia), are actually slightly further south than Fairbanks.

      But you ask why make a big deal of this? Well, why not? It helps to drum up interest, which ultimately hopefully translates into support.

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