New Shluchim to Skagit County, Washington

Rabbi Shmuli and Shevy Silver are moving on shlichus to create the Chabad of Skagit County in Washington State. They will will be the first chabad shluchim sent to that community and are looking forward to create a Jewish home-base.

Rabbi Shmuli and Shevy Silver (nee Weber), along with their son Yitzchok, will be moving out in the coming weeks to build a new Chabad House in Skagit County, Washington servicing the Yidden of Skagit and Island counties.

Under the auspices of Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin, Head Shliach to the Pacific Northwest, the new Shluchim will be establishing Chabad of Skagit County in an area that has no Jewish infrastructure as of yet. This is in order to create a warm and welcoming community for all.

The area is home to young families and retirees who take advantage of the calming suburbs and scenic atmosphere.

“The events in which we had organized these past few months revealed a great need and interest for a Jewish community in the area. Their thirst for more Yiddishkeit is tangible,” the Silvers said.

Rabbi Silver and his wife are eager and excited to begin their Shlichus, reaching one Yid at time.

For the opportunity and privilege in partnering with their Shlichus, to help fund their initial expenses of setting up their new Chabad house as they begin a new era for the Yidden of Skagit County, please click here.

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