New Shluchim to Newark, NJ

Rabbi Avraham and Mushka Minsky were appointed by NJ Head Shliach Rabbi Moshe Herson to be shluchim to Newark, NJ, bringing the number of Chabad Centers in the state to 62.

Rabbi Moshe Herson, head shliach to the State of New Jersey, announced the appointment of Rabbi Avrohom Minsky as Chabad shliach for the city of Newark.

“The appointment of Rabbi and Mrs. Avraham and Mushka Minsky to the Newark office brings the number of Chabad Centers in New Jersey to 62 – ken yirbu,” Rabbi Herson said.

The young and energetic Rabbi Minsky has traveled over 3 continents doing the Rebbe’s shlichus and bringing Yiddishkeit to remote communities in Africa, Europe and here in the US. Over the past few months, Rabbi & Mrs. Minsky have been successfully active in the city where they has been well received.

Chabad of Newark’s administrative office will be located at the Robert Treat Center. Bruce and Mils Berger, owners of the building, have made available all they can in order for Rabbi Minsky to succeed in his work. The Bergers are active Trustees of the Rabbinical College of America.

In addition to the Newark residents, the Minskys intend to reach out to the Jewish student population at Rutgers- Newark campus, NJ Institute of Technology (NJIT) and other educational centers stationed in Newark.

Students of the RCA are helping with Friday visitations to local homes, offices and senior centers.

A Purim Megillah reading gathering and refreshments will soon be announced.

The Minsky’s are planning to move to downtown Newark, where many New York Jewish residents have moved recently.

Rabbi Moshe Herson signed the document of shlichus, a copy of which the Minsky’s will take to the Rebbe’s Ohel.

“The entire Shluchim family wishes the Minskys much hatzlocho in their work – B’tov Hanireh v’haniglah,” Rabbi Herson said.

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