New Shluchim to Expand Chabad Activities in Venezuela

Rabbi Hillel and Mushky Levinson were appointed as the new Shluchim to Caracas, Venezuela, to focus on the youth and the young families of the community.

For nearly half a century, Chabad of Venezuela has steadfastly served the Jewish community, albeit adapting to political shifts and upheaval. Thankfully, in recent years, as security and personal safety concerns have significantly diminished, the Jewish community has once again begun to thrive. Chabad continues to offer robust programming, daily minyanim, adult education classes, and a wide range of programs for young adults including young professional events, Cteen, a growing day school, and summer camp.

The needs of the community have led to an essential expansion of the Chabad of Venezuela team, as increasing numbers of people are seeking a community setting in which to express their Judaism. To that end, Rabbi Hillel and Mushky Levinson are appointed as the new Shluchim to Caracas to focus on the youth and the young families of the community. They join the ranks of other dedicated Shluchim, including Rabbi Moshe and Chaya Perman, who serve as Head Shluchim, Rabbi Shui and Chani Rosenblum, Rabbi Yosef and Goldie Slavin, and Rabbi Leibel and Heftziba Shuchat.

In the world of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim, some stories shine as beacons of dedication, and generational commitment. The Levinson family’s move to Venezuela is one such inspiring tale, in that the Hillel and Mushky Levinson, together with their two children, Miriam and Malka, are joining Mushky’s parents and grandparents as shluchim in Venezuela making her the third (and fourth)-generation in the same chain of Shluchim!

It is worth noting that Hillel Levinson’s upbringing on Shlichus in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has prepared him and his family for the unique challenges and opportunities they will encounter in Venezuela. Their commitment to Chabad of Venezuela mirrors the dedication of those who have come before them and the perseverance of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim worldwide

As Chabad of Venezuela continues to evolve and thrive, the new Shluchim represent a new chapter in the ongoing mission to ensure that the light of Judaism shines brightly in this corner of the world.

We are honored to embark on this journey. Your involvement in our Shlichus is important to us, as we embark on this journey.

Warm regards,

Hillel and Mushky Levinson and family

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