New Shluchim to Cape Town, South Africa

Rabbi Chezki and Chanchi Malka, together with their two children have been appointed by Rabbi Mendel and Avigayil Popack to open a Chabad House for Israelis and Tourists in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Cape Town is located in South Africa’s southwest coast, on a peninsula beneath the famous Table mountain. Cape Town is considered one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world. 

 47 years ago, Rabbi Mendel and Avigayil Popack set out to establish Chabad in Cape Town. 

With the years, and with the inspiration of Rabbi Popack, the family of Shluchim grew, working tirelessly with the large Jewish population of about 15,000 Jews.

Cape Town has become a popular tourist destination and attracts a wide variety of visitors annually. In the past fifteen years, the amount of Jewish tourists visiting Cape Town has continued to rise. At the same time, hundreds of Israelis have relocated to Cape Town, including many families with children. 

The Malkas have established a Chabad House for Israelis and Tourists. They are determined to create a warm, welcoming and enlightening place for the thousands of Jewish travelers who come through the city every year, providing them with unforgettable Shabbos experiences and to meet their every need. They are also working with the hundreds of local Israelis, creating a warm home and a sense of community for them. Shabbos and Yom Tov activities, gatherings, weekly Torah classes for men and women, family events and more.

This special program has been especially meaningful for the Israelis living in Cape Town, specifically with the situation in Israel and the South African government not being in favor of Israel. In a short time, things quickly developed and hundreds of tourists from around the world, and local Israelis of Cape Town have enjoyed from and become a part of the Chabad House experience. Many tourist companies have got in touch and are excited to refer their Jewish travelers to another welcoming destination for a Jewish experience.

Here is a chance to support the Malkas in their Shlichus. Donate to their campaign: 
Zelle: [email protected] 
Cashapp: $ChezkiMalka

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