New Shluchim to California Bring Father’s Legacy Full Circle

For close to forty years, Rabbi Yosef Loschak transformed the spiritual wasteland of S. Barbara into a citadel of Yiddishkeit. Now, on his eighth Yahrzeit, his youngest son Chaim, together with his wife Mushkie are looking forward to bringing things full circle.

When they first arrived in 1979 in S. Barbara, a central California city sandwiched between imposing mountain peaks and breathtaking ocean views, Rabbi Yosef and his wife Devorah Loschak came with a vision: to bring the warmth and beauty of Yiddishkeit to the Jewish people there. Famous for its beauty, weather, and wealth, S. Barbara’s abundance of materialism was paralleled only by its dearth of spirituality.

For close to forty years, together with his wife and growing family, Rabbi Loschak transformed this spiritual wasteland into a citadel of Yiddishkeit.

Establishing a bustling Chabad House on a sprawling campus and inspiring hundreds to literally change their lives, Rabbi Loschak was a true soldier of the Rebbe. In the summer of 2014, on the fateful day of Gimmel Tammuz, Rabbi Loschak passed on, passionately bound to the Rebbe he so loved and served.

And now, on his eighth Yahrzeit, his youngest son Chaim, together with his wife Mushkie and their three children ka’h, are looking forward to bringing things full circle. With their eyes set on the picturesque town of Montecito, CA—a small, affluent, and heavily Jewish enclave south of S. Barbara—their father’s lifetime of shlichus opens a new and exciting chapter. 

The new shluchim were appointed by the head shliach of California, Rabbi Baruch Shlomo Cunin, and by Rabbi Mendel Loschak, shliach of Chabad of S. Barbara.

“Every facet of our lives was imbued with a passion for shlichus, particularly in our home area around S. Barbara,” said Chaim Loschak. “Coming back to open a new chapter in this location brings me tremendous joy and pride. There is a feeling of closeness to my father a’’h and the dedication to the Rebbe he so enthusiastically taught us.” “We’re honored and thrilled to join the team,” added his wife Mushkie.

Rabbi Mendel Loschak echoed these statements. “Our father started the  Rebbe’s work in S. Barbara over four decades ago. The Jewish community is thank G-d growing, and the Jewish residents of Montecito are eager to see the new couple arrive . We wish them tremendous hatzlachah.”

“I can’t think of a more appropriate way to honor my husband on his yahrtzeit. His entire life was dedicated to shlichus of the Rebbe, and now our youngest child is coming to close that circle,” said Mrs. Devorah Loschak. “On Gimmel Tammuz, we are humbled to approach our Rebbe and say, ‘Here, we’re continuing on, with ever more kochos!”

To be a part of this burgeoning shlichus, you can donate at The Loschak’s are currently running a seed campaign with an aim to raise 150 thousand dollars in honor of Gimmel Tammuz and are aiming to raise the remainder of this goal during this campaign.”

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