New Shluchim to Bratislava, Slovakia

Rabbi Sholom and Chana Sima Myers are moving on Shlichus to expand Chabad activities in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Rabbi Sholom and Chana Sima Myers (nee Austin) are moving on Shlichus to expand Chabad activities in Bratislava, Slovakia.

At the geographical midpoint of Europe, Slovakia is a country with a rich Jewish history going back almost 1,000 years. Its capital Bratislava (formerly Pressburg), known around the world as the city of the Chasam Sofer, boasted a 15,000-strong Jewish community before the war, but tragically, the ravages of the Holocaust, coupled with mass immigration in the post-war years spurred by an oppressive Communist regime, left the local Jewish community a mere skeleton of what it once was.

In 1993, Rabbi Baruch and Chanie Myers moved to Bratislava to strengthen the community and found Chabad of Slovakia. With strenuous effort and Mesiras Nefesh, they built a loving and warm community, and planted the seeds of Yiddishkeit for years to come.

However, as a 95% intermarriage rate wreaks havoc throughout the community, with an aging population cutting it off at the top and rampant assimilation and ambivalence about Yiddishkeit destroying its foundations at the bottom, a lot of work is still needed to strengthen the community, reaching out to every single yid to make sure that no one is ch”v lost to their heritage, and in particular focusing on the youth, infusing them with a pride in their Jewish identity and ensuring the future of Slovak Jewry for years to come.

Join with us as we embark on this journey to ‘reJEWvinate’ Slovakia and be a part of our efforts to bring every single yid in the country closer to Yiddishkeit and a life of Torah and Mitzvos!

The campaign to reJEWvinate Slovakia is live! Click here to participate!

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