New Shluchim to Bowie, Maryland

Rabbi Eli and Chaya Mushka (nee Gershon) Baron and their 3 children will shortly assume a new Shlichus in Bowie, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC, with over 1,000 Jewish families.

Rabbi Eli and Chaya Mushka (nee Gershon) Baron and their 3 children will shortly assume a new Shlichus position in the State of Maryland. Appointed by Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, the Head Shliach of Maryland, the Barons will open the first permanent Chabad Center in the city of Bowie. 

The largest city in Prince George’s County, Bowie is a beautiful and diverse suburb of Washington, DC, nestled between DC and Baltimore, MD. Its residents, some of whom commute for work to the nation’s capital, enjoy Bowie for its calm and friendly atmosphere. The city boasts a sizable Jewish population, estimated to be above 1,000 households. The new Shluchim will also serve the needs of the Jews in the neighboring towns of Greenbelt and Beltsville, MD.

Many Shluchim in the area have interacted with Jews from these cities for years, and the time is right for them to receive their own Chabad presence. Rabbi Kaplan said: “We are excited to open this new frontier of הפצת היהדות והמעיינות.”

The new Shluchim have visited the city multiple times and interacted with many local Jews eagerly awaiting their arrival. The Barons plan on starting with door-to-door community engagement activities, study groups, and holiday events.

“We look forward to serving the needs of Bowie’s Jews and giving them greater opportunities to connect to their heritage,” Rabbi Baron said. 

May this new endeavor, together with the Torah and mitzvos of all Jews, and the work of the Rebbe’s Shluchim, usher in the times of Moshiach, speedily in our days.

Please help establish the new Chabad Center of Bowie: 

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