New Shluchim to Auburn Begin With a “Thank You”

Rabbi Mendel and Chana Weinbaum will be moving to Auburn, California to establish the city’s first Chabad House. As they prepare to head out, they have a message for the Crown Heights community. 

By reporter

Auburn, California, known for its California Gold Rush History, will be getting a shine of another type when Rabbi Mendel and Chana (nee Drukier) Weinbaum move down to open the city’s first Chabad House.

Together with their two children, the Weinbaums are preparing to make the move to the small town in Northern California. While there is a small Jewish presence there, there is no formal community or infrastructure.

“We plan on establishing our own Chabad house, in addition to creating afterschool programming for public school children, celebrating Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim with the community, and generally bringing fellow Jews closer to Yiddishkeit by spreading the light and joy of Chassidus and the Rebbe’s teachings,” Rabbi Weinbaum said.

“A short pilot trip has shown that Auburn’s Jews are optimistic about the impact we will have, and look forward to our joining the community,” he said.

Rabbi Weinbaum will also be continuing his successful teaching career at the nearby Sacramento Jewish Academy, where he will be teaching part-time.

As they prepare to head out, they have a message for the Crown Heights community.

“As my wife Chana and I began to get ready to move on shlichus, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. We were often told that ‘it takes a village.’ But as we began to prepare ourselves, the one thing we couldn’t prepare for was just how generous our village could be,” he said.

“We are completely blown away by how excited everyone is for us. We knew our family and friends would share our simcha, but even complete strangers are reaching out to take part in our mission, reaching out to donate to help us establish ourselves. We are overwhelmed and amazed, and so, so grateful for the outpouring of both emotional and financial support we’ve received,” he said.

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