New Shluchim Participate In Fifth Annual “Yesodos” Seminar

New Shluchim attended a four-day seminar immersed in the world of Shlichus with workshops given by experienced Shluchim hosted by The New Shluchim Desk at Merkos 302.

For the past five years, the Yesodos L’hatzlachas Hashlichus seminar has empowered and inspired new and potential Shluchim with the fundamental mindsets and tools they need to succeed. This year’s conference, held last week at Chabad of Park Slope, was no different.

Over forty-five yungeleit joined the four-day seminar, some of which recently started their shlichus, some who have yet to embark on their new mission, and others who are actively seeking shlichus positions. The intensive and immersive experience taught the young men the underlying principles they’ll need to be a Shliach. Each day of the seminar was filled with insightful and rousing workshops by veteran Shluchim and rabbanim. The attendees also enjoyed the various opportunities to network with other new Shluchim, building relationships that will be a steady foundation for them as they meet the challenges and opportunities of their new Shlichusin.

Many of the topics necessary for a new Shliach beginning their lifelong mission were fully addressed and discussed. Speakers from around the country addressed the assembly and shared their insights on wide variety of Shlichus topics, including the role of a Shliach, strategic planning, fundraising, maintaining an upbeat attitude, the importance of continuously learning Chassidus, forming cordial employer-employee relationships, and practical Halachic advice for the wide variety of scenarios that emerge in a Chabad House. They were also greeted by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, who gave them words of encouragement and shared with them the Rebbe’s vision and guidance for the Shluchim.

“I only wish we would’ve had such a seminar when we first started our shlichus,” said Rabbi Zalman Marcus of Mission Viejo, CA, one of the presenters. “It’s practical; it’s useful; it’s essential – it’s a gift!”

Between intent listening and diligent note-taking, the new Shluchim enjoyed a hearty breakfast and lunch, taking the chance to introduce themselves to one another and build friendships. On Wednesday night, an informal and spirited farbrengen brought everyone together as only a farbrengen can do, galvanizing all present to complete the last steps to bring Moshiach.

“I enjoyed every minute,” says Yossi Swued, who will soon start his shlichus in London, Ontario. “I gained many skills, made lots of new friends, and learned so much. I know this inspiration will last me for a long while!”

“The benefits of integrating a proper foundation when going on Shlichus is invaluable,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky. “Our goal with this seminar is to prepare the New Shluchim with insights shared by Shluchim with years of experience applying the Rebbe’s hora’os and guidance to all aspects of their Shlichus.”

The group of talented, experienced and inspiring presenters traveled from all over to address the Shluchim, including Rabbi Zalman Marcus of Mission Viejo, CA, Rabbi Dovie Shuchat of Surfside, FL, Rabbi Mordechai Farkash of Bellevue, WA, Rabbi Raleigh Resnik of Tri-Valley, CA, Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman of JLI International, Rabbi Yosef Fine of Los Angeles, CA, Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon of Sichos In English, Rabbi Elazar Green of Lancaster, PA, Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein of Newton, PA, Rabbi Yosef Shagalov of S Paul, MN, and Rabbi Efraim Mintz of JLI.

“Much thought and effort was spent to ensure that every topic discussed is according to the Rebbe’s hora’os and with the greatest sensitivity to Halachah,” said Rabbi Mendel Chaiton, co-director of the new shluchim desk, and lead developer of the course. “With consultation and collaboration of many Rabbanim and Shluchim, that have been guiding and supporting fellow shluchim throughout the years.

Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz, co-director of the New Shluchim Desk, summed it up: “The goal of the seminar was to put forth the yesodos the Rebbe has shown us regarding the immense zechus and responsibility we have to go on shlichus. Baruch Hashem, this new group of Shluchim who will shortly begin or who have just begun their shlichus are now leaving with the yesodos that will help them succeed.”

The Yesodos Seminar is part of a joint effort between Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch and Rabbi Bentzi Lipskier of the Meromim Foundation to not just support new Shluchim financially, but give them the proper tools that will empower them on their Shlichus for years to come.

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