New Shluchim Learn Fundraising Fundamentals

30 new Shluchim gathered in Crown Heights for an immersive full-day “fundraising fundamentals” course this past week, the first of a 12-part series offered by the New Shluchim Desk at Merkos 302.

It’s 10:30 AM, Monday, Daled Tammuz, a steady buzz could be heard wafting through the windows of Beis Binyomin Shul in Crown Heights. It’s the sound of 30 enthusiastic voices, newly minted Shluchim. They sit one across from the other in classic Chavrusa style, dissecting a fundamental Sicha regarding the Rebbe’s directives for Shluchim. 

They have all come to participate in an immersive full-day experience, the first stage in a 11-course series, an incredible new seminar offered by the New Shluchim Desk from Merkos 302. The chavrusa session was just one of the interpretive exercises as part of an entire day of interactive lectures and presentations.

 The course organized by the New Shluchim Desk, in conjunction with Rabbi Elazar Green covers all the fundamentals of nonprofit fundraising to ensure maximal success on their Shlichus. Empowering the Shluchim as they face the challenge of building Jewish community centers in their respective Shlichus locations. This illuminating course gave them the key concepts, tools, and strategies to deliver the most effective results in their effort to raise the necessary funds for their Shlichus.  

As one new Shliach, Rabbi Yigal Begun related, “The course was one of those things which you can forever be unpacking. It gave me an enlightening perspective and practical tools for one of the most difficult parts of Shlichus!” Rabbi Yigal is setting out on Shlichus to Greater Rancho Park, CA, in two weeks.

 The New Shluchim Desk of Merkos 302 is here to provide essential resources for the beginning stages of Shlichus. The goal is to create an infrastructure to benefit new Shluchim, giving them the tools to succeed on their new Shlichus. 

“Starting out on Shlichus is usually the most difficult part, and new Shluchim are always looking for where to turn for advice and guidance. We started this initiative to answer that call and empower as many Shluchim as possible to build Jewish communities worldwide and further the Rebbe’s mission of reaching every Yid.” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302.

Coming up at the end of Chodesh Menachem Av there will be a New Shluchim Yesodos Seminar, covering a whole range of fundamental topics that are crucial for setting up and maintaining a successful Shlichus and Mosad. All are presented by a first-rate line-up of Shluchim with diverse expertise and experience.

Don’t miss out! Check out  to see more details, as well as other upcoming programs, events, and courses. 

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