New Shluchim For Young Professionals in Vienna

Rabbi Shmuli and Devorah Leah Michaan have been named the new shluchim for Young Jewish Professionals and English speakers in Vienna’s city center.

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Rabbi Shmuli and Devorah Leah Michaan, along with their two young children, Yossi and Mendel, are announced to be the newest shluchim to Vienna, Austria.

They will be establishing a new Shlichus for Young Jewish Professionals and English speakers in Vienna’s city center, also known as the 1st District.

Jewish students from all around the world were drawn to Vienna due to the Jewish Lauder Business School founded by Chabad, with a very active Chabad on Campus. Many have stayed on, post-graduation, and now they’ve grown into their own community in need of a Shliach.

Due to the couple’s knowledge of many languages; including English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew, they will be able to welcome these International Young Professionals and make them feel very much at home.

Rabbi Shmuli Michaan grew up in São Paulo, Brazil where his family serves as Chabad Shluchim. Shmuli has traveled to assist Shluchim around the world; Pesach in Neal, a summer in Honduras and many more.

Since he was a child, he dreamt of one day establishing a Chabad House, to fulfill the Rebbe’s mandate of”doing our part to change the world for the better, by loving and accepting every Jew unconditionally.”

In 2020, Shmuli married Devorah Leah (nee Rosenfeld). Born to Shluchim in Zurich, Switzerland, Devorah Leah also has a lot of experience with Shlichus work.

As a couple, they have been living in Yerushalayim, where their home has always been open to people and, particularly, students from all walks of life.

The new Shluchim will be opening under the authority of Rabbi Mordechai and Mussia Segal, and appointed by the Head Shliach of Austria, Rabbi Yacov Biderman.

“We feel very fortunate to have gotten this Shlichus opportunity in Vienna where Chabad has already accomplished so much. We look forward to taking this already-existing community, to strengthen it and help it grow even more. The potential is endless!” said Rabbi Michaan.

Just in time for Gimmel Tammuz, the new Shluchim are launching a fundraising campaign to help them kickstart their Shlichus.

“Please help us to fulfill the Rebbe’s vision and to bring Moshiach closer.”

Please click here to support their shlichus

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