New Shavuos Digest Published by Chabad Women

Bodies and Souls, a platform for women that centers around conversations of growth and self-care, has released its second-ever print digest just in time for Shavuos.

Just under six months ago, Mrs. Rivky Boyarsky and Mrs. Sara Loewenthal launched, a platform for all types of Frum women’s health.

The platform has a podcast, blog, and just in time for Shavuos, released its second-ever print digest.

Readers say that the digest is unlike anything they have ever read. Shayna R. commented, “Where do you find the authors? They’re AMAZING! I loved the Pesach one and can’t wait to read this one.”

The digest is 48 pages of full color beautifully designed articles featuring artwork by Jewish women. The goal of the digest is to raise the level of Jewish literature in a meaningful manner.

Leah S. agrees. “The Pesach digest was such an inspiration, and really gave me a break on Yom Tov. It felt like coffee with friends. So glad my sister in law gave me this recommendation.”

The digest has NO ads, just pages upon pages of beautifully arranged content that will appeal to Jewish women around the world, across the spectrum of Jewish observance.

Chava L. said, “I hope you continue to make these digests. They are unlike other publications that are geared to frum women. The articles are positive, uplifting, and taught me so much.”

“My parents were obsessed with the digest. They LOVED the articles, and they read it during both day meals,” Rivka C. tells us. We think you will love our content too! You will be blown away as you read these voices and thoughts on everything that pertains to YOU, the Jewish woman!

Special for the readers of We give you a preview of an article written in collaboration with Mrs. Mushka Gopin from

Place your order now, as sales will end this Monday. Order one for yourself, your family members, your host, or your friend. We offer special pricing for bulk orders, and this makes the perfect gift for your Shavuos events.  To place an order, please click HERE

For more information, please email [email protected]

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