New ‘ShareIt’ Service Lends Popular Travel Items

Established just in time for the 5781 summer season, a new Crown Heights community service will lend out popular travel items for locals to borrow for trips and vacations.

By reporter

A new community service promises to make your vacation less stressful.

Established just in time for the 5781 summer season, CommunaShare is a new lending service where community members can borrow popular travel items for a trip or a vacation.

A project of the 93rd Shul, CommunaShare was founded after a number of shul members realized that there was a great need.

“We noticed that on our grade WhatsApp, people are almost always looking to borrow items that are used seasonally for travel,” one of the organizers told “Many people don’t like to buy items they use infrequently, but when they need such an item for a few days, they have nowhere to turn to.”

So a few members of the shul got together and founded CommunaShare, a solution not only for their shul, but for the wider Crown Heights community.

The new service opened this week, with the ‘Travel Series’, three items that many who travel up to the country, or away for a Shabbos, will find useful: Bicycle racks, YOYO strollers and rooftop cargos.

Organizers tell that the three items are only a start, and they hope to add more items in the coming months.

“Eventually, we will be added other ‘series’ as well, covering other common needs,” they said.

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