New Service Helps Pair Yeshiva Students with Tutors

A new service in Crown Heights aims to pair Yeshiva students with professional, skilled tutors in a seamless manner.

A new service in Crown Heights aims to pair tutors and students in a seamless manner.

Hundreds of Talmidim annually utilize the help of a tutor for various reasons. CH Chavrusa makes it easy to find the right Tutor for your son in three simple steps;

Step 1. Fill out an online form.

Step 2. Review the matched tutors resume (we will email it to you) and confirm interest (respond via email).

Step 3. The tutor will contact you directly regarding the time and location.

Our competent tutors are proficient in all areas of Limudei Kodesh. They are available to study all subjects including Chumash, Mishnayos, Gemara, Sichos, Halacha & Bar Mitzva prep. The tutors are enthusiastic and make learning come alive, seeking to develop a strong rapport with all students.

Go to TinyUrl.Com/CHChavrusa right now to be paired with the perfect Chavrusa for your child’s needs!

Have a question? Email us at [email protected]

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