New Series Presents 120 Mini Classes On Moshiach Basics

A newly launched series of classes by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan will explore our belief in Moshiach through 120 bite-sized mini shiurim. Beginning on Lag Baomer, they will be available on the Tut Altz broadcast feed.

One of the Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith is the belief in the arrival of Moshiach and the messianic era. In a new series by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, Shliach in Thornhill, OT, this cornerstone of our faith will be broken down, explained, and delivered with unprecedented clarity. The new series of classes is called ‘Await’ and will be launched in partnership with the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302.

In honor of the Rebbe’s 120th birthday, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan undertook to deliver 120 classes explaining the basics of Moshiach and our belief in his coming. The classes are given in bite-size format, only fifteen minutes each, with emphasis placed on simplicity and clarity. Comprised of stand-alone classes and several miniseries’, the series will explore what Moshiach is all about and why we should await his coming. Listeners will experience a deep and thorough analysis of the sources in a way that anyone can easily understand and share with others. 

“Moshiach is often misrepresented as merely the solution and response to problems and tragedies,” explains Rabbi Kaplan. “Although the Geulah will usher in an era of no pain, suffering, or tragedy, it is much more. We can properly yearn and wait for Moshiach only by understanding its true meaning and significance. This is our goal in this series.”

Beginning on Lag B’Omer, known as the Mattan Torah for Pnimius Hatorah, the Await Series will be available through the Moshiach Office broadcast, which delivers a steady stream of high-quality Moshiach-related content straight to your phone.

The series is based on the words of the Rambam in the final chapters, which discuss the Moshiach era. This year, these chapters are studied on Lag B’Omer, as it coincides with the Siyum Harambam for the three-chapter yearly cycle. The Rambam lays down the Halachic obligation to believe and await the coming of Moshiach. 

Together with each of the classes, a source sheet will be released to follow along with the class and for further study. 

The launch date for the Await series carries much significance, explains Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302.

“The key to Moshiach’s arrival; spreading the wellsprings of Chassidus, is intrinsically tied to the day of Lag Ba’Omer the Matan Torah of Pnimiyus Hatorah. It is therefore, a most appropriate time to launch this series, which we hope will make Moshiach and Chassidus even more accessible.” 

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