New Series of Tishrei Halacha Classes Beginning Tonight

The first of a 3 class series on practical Halacha for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkos will take place tonight with Rabbi Shmuel Chaim Bluming.

Yom tov is coming up! Are you prepared? 
Come master the practical Halachos of Yom Tov! 

Come join and partake in a 3 class shiurim series brought to you by Irgun Torah & Mishkan Moshe.

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First class will be on Sunday Sep 13, 24 Elul from 8:30-9:30 with Rabbi Shmuel Chaim Bluming on Hilchos Shofar.

Class will cover common questions of shofar blowing for yourself and others, such as:

-The proper way to do mitzvah shofar?
-If blowing for a woman, should she say a Brocha?
-What to do If lost track of where holding in shofar blowing?
-Can you blow before davening?

Next up will be a class on the Nusach Hatefilah on Wednesday Sep 16- 27 Elul, 8:30-9:30 pm with Rabbi Chaim Polter

At this class, will be discussed, the History and Analysis of the changes to Tefilas Aseres Yemei Teshuvah. 

-What are there so many changes?
-Who instituted them? 
– What do I do if uncertain if recited proper Nusach?

Then next one will be in Hilchos Sukkah which will take place on Wednesday, Sep 23- 5 Tishrei 8:30-9:30 pm with Rabbi Shmuel Chaim Bluming. 

Here will delve deeper into the Halachos of building a proper and Kosher Sukkah.

 Common questions will include:
– How to keep your Schach from flying away in a permissible manner?
-How strong to build your Sukkah walls?
-Details on tree branches on top of Sukkah.

Join. Learn. Inspire! 

Come to Mishkan Moshe-580 Crown St. and get ready for Yom Tov the proper way, educated, knowledgeable and uplifted!

Maariv will follow after Shiur.

If your Shul is interested to join, or if you would like to give a Shiur, email [email protected]

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