New Series of Shiurim Boosts Bitachon

A new WhatsApp group offers short and insightful shiurim in Shaar HaBitachon by renowned magid shiur Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz, helping listeners internalize a mindset of tracht gut vet zein gut.

The day that the Frierdiker Rebbe was released from prison is marked by all of us as the day when the light and warmth of Torah, Mitzvos & Chassidus triumphed.

How do we also live a life of geulah, of freedom from our daily ups and downs, doubts and fears, struggles and challenges?

In many letters, the Rebbe encouraged people to learn Shaar HaBitachon in order to strengthen their belief and faith in Hashem and internalize a mindset of tracht gut vet zein gut.

Learning Shaar Habitachon is the most efficient way to find comfort, peace of mind, happiness and to overcome the various struggles in our lives. It helps strengthen our trust in Hashem and divine providence and brings blessings of parnasah, nachas and health. 

In the spirit of Chag Hageula, ‘Irgun Torah‘ is launching a very special series of Shiurim in “Shaar HaBitachon”, to help us start living geulah in our day to day lives.

Presenting a short and insightful 5-10 minute Bitachon Boost twice a week, by renowned magid shiur Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz. Every segment will have 2 parts, an overview component and an in-text component.

Join the Bitachon Boost WhatsApp Group by clicking here.

Please share with family & friends. May the strengthening of our trust and faith bring about our own personal geulah, and the geulah for all of klal Yisroel!

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