New Sefer Torah Will Honor Levi Heintz

Levi Heintz always brought joy and laughter to his surroundings and reflected good back into the world with a smile and a helping hand. His family and friends will honor this legacy with a new Sefer Torah.

A message from the family of Levi Heintz a”h.

Levi Yitzchak Heintz, was the son of shluchim Rabbi Aryeh Leib and Bracha Heintz of Utrecht, Netherlands. Levi, always brought joy and laughter around him, he always surrounded himself with friends and reflected good back into the world with a smile, a kind word, or a helping hand.

As his first yahrzeit approaches, and although we miss him, we are sure Levi would have wanted us to be happy – to celebrate life, friendships and togetherness.

To best honor him and his legacy we are writing a Sefer Torah. As friends, family, and neighbors we can unite in the spirit of achdus, with much joy and celebration. Together we can complete this Sefer Torah which will serve as a living memory of Levi’s kindness and the special soul that he was, and is, forever. 

Please join us in writing and celebrating Levi’s Torah. Every time this Torah is read, you will have an extra zechus and elevate Levi’s neshama again and again! Thank you from our family to yours and to klal Yisroel.

Levi yahrzeit will be on shabbos 6 Elul, the siyum will be on the following Sunday 7 Elul, August 15th.

Levi’s friends and family

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