New Research Unveils Series of Children’s Booklets by the Rebbe

In a new book, titled “The Library for Chagim and Moadim,” Rabbi Mendy Greenfeld reveals rare archival materials showcasing the Rebbe’s deep involvement in producing a unique series of booklets and books for children and youth.

In honor of a family wedding, Rabbi Mendy Greenfeld reveals in a new book, The Library for Chagim and Moadim, rare archival materials showcasing the Rebbe’s deep and comprehensive involvement in producing a unique series of booklets and books for children and youth.

The series, published by Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch between the years 5704-5706 (1944-1946), was created against the backdrop of the Holocaust years and increasing assimilation in the United States. The Rebbe viewed the education of the younger generation as a strategic mission to ensure the future of the Jewish people.

This book, the result of thorough and extensive research, describes how the Rebbe initiated, planned, edited, and produced the series of publications. These included compact pocket booklets alongside more detailed and expanded books, aiming to impart to children and youth values of faith and authentic Jewish heritage.

The booklets cover a wide range of topics, from heroic stories of the Chashmonaim to original explanations of minhagim, innovative interpretations of classical sources and practical advice for children on how to observe mitzvos meaningfully.

Greenfeld’s research reveals the Rebbe’s unique educational approach, combining Torah study and mitzvah observance with the use of innovative and engaging educational tools, tailored to the spirit of the time and the young audience. Among the fascinating discoveries in the book are touching personal letters the Rebbe wrote to Jewish children before each yom tov, handwritten notes and comments on the publications of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, and direct evidence of his involvement in every detail, from choosing the topics to ensuring the graphic design.

The Library for Chagim and Moadim constitutes an important contribution to understanding the history of Chabad in the USA, particularly the Rebbe’s educational activities. The research unveils the Rebbe’s vision to instill a rich Jewish heritage in future generations while addressing the challenges of the time. This book, now presented to the readers, is only a sample of a broader ongoing research project that reveals new layers in the Rebbe’s groundbreaking role as an educator.

To download the introduction and a sample chapter, click here.

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