New Purim Resource Site Has You Covered

Are you searching through WhatsApp groups at 2 am, desperately cramming at the last minute to find a resource for a shiur? This Purim site has your back. 

Recognizing the need for streamlined resources amidst the pre-Purim frenzy, Merkos 302 has developed a comprehensive Purim resource website tailored specifically for Shluchim. Featuring an array of resources for marketing and orchestrating Purim activities for all ages, the website serves as a one-stop shop for state-of-the-art Chabad House Purim Programming.

As Purim rapidly approaches, Shluchim worldwide are hustling to perfect the finishing touches of their festive celebrations. The preparations can be overwhelming, from selecting themes and venues to arranging entertainment and catering. Understanding the magnitude of these tasks, the team at Merkos 302 has endeavored to simplify the process by providing customizable resources and tools in multiple languages wherever possible.

“Jewish people are looking for connection now more than ever, and Shluchim are working round the clock to respond to their needs,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “To aid them in doing so, this site provides resources for all demographics within the community, from young professionals to seniors and even the shliach’s own kids.”

Site visitors will be greeted with a variety of options. Need a social media template to make your event stand out on Instagram? You got it. Need a curriculum to teach your Hebrew School approaching Purim? You got it. How about a Purim-themed playlist for your party on Purim Day? Here you go. And the list goes on. Lessons in Maamorim for adult education. Purim Trivia game shows. CKids Mishloach Manos boxes. You get the idea.

No more searching through WhatsApp groups at 2 am, desperately cramming at the last minute to find a resource for a shiur. The Purim site has your back. 

In a harmonious collaboration, numerous Chabad organizations, including Derher Magazine, Sichos in English, and all departments at Merkos 302, including the Spanish and Hebrew desks, have united to bring this invaluable website to fruition. Together, they offer Shluchim an unparalleled array of tools and materials, presented in a fresh, efficient manner, serving as an all-inclusive destination for Purim preparations.

For all your Purim needs, visit:

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