New Publications are Bochurim’s Response to Two Tragedies

A new weekly publication dubbed ‘Ker A Velt’ has just been launched, initiated by Shiur Gimmel of Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto following two tragedies in the Toronto Chabad community.

A new weekly publication dubbed ‘Ker A Velt’ has just been launched, initiated by Shiur Gimmel of Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto following two tragedies in the Toronto Chabad community.

The famous ‘Ker A Velt’ Sicha (12th of sivan, 5744) shook many to the core. The Rebbe explained that the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash is not (G-d forbid) another day in ancient history, but something which occurs daily as the effect is continuous. Every day that Moshiach has not come, means another day that the Beis Hamikdash is again destroyed.

“Imagine, the Jewish people, standing in Yerushalayim, watching the house of Hashem going up in flames. Any person – even one with a heart of stone – would melt at such a sight. The Beis Hamikdash, on fire?! Watching the Romans trample and desecrate their source of life – Hashem’s dwelling place! Thousands of Yidden dying! No more Karbanos, no more Mizbeyach, no more Kohen Gadol, no more Kodesh Hakadashim, no more Menorah, etc.! Something they never dreamed of in their worst nightmare!”

“Now, what if you were there? How would you react? There is no doubt that you would have screamed for the Geulah! You would have done everything in your power to save it – even if it would cause you much harm. The Rebbe continued and exclaimed that today is that day. If a day goes by without the arrival of Moshiach, it means a day of destruction, a day that the Beis Hamikdash is burning! If we would truly envision this, it would bring us to do everything in our reach to save the Beis Hamikdash!

In the words of the Rebbe – “KER A VELT HEINT” (‘turn over the world today’)!

Recently, we have unfortunately experienced two alarming reminders: Right before Purim (Daled Adar), Meir Likhovetzki – a bachur with much life and everyone’s closest friend – lost his life in a car accident. The shock was incomprehensible, a bachur we knew well, at the age of 19, will not continue with us anymore!

Secondly, shortly after Pesach (Vov Iyar) R’ Mendel Plotkin returned his soul to its creator. R’ Plotkin was the very definition of a ‘chassidishe baal habayis, always ready to chazer a vort, or help another. The pain is simply unbearable! A father of 9 young children passed away so suddenly at the age of 43! R’ Plotkin was also a father of two temimim in Mesivta and Yeshiva Lubavitch Toronto.

Shiur Gimmel of Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto has decided that enough is enough! We can not just let the nature continue its path, leaving behind much pain and suffering. With a feeling of “Ker A Velt”, we have decided to begin a one-of-a-kind weekly newsletter, with different insights, stories, etc. about the Geulah. We know that the Rebbe said countless times that the fastest etc. way to bring the Geulah is through learning about it. We therefore ask, that everyone please take some time to read at least this short, clear, newsletter and bring this Golus to a final end!

Help us Bring Meir and R’ Plotkin Back!

Below can be found is a newsletter for anash and a newsletter to give out for mivtzoyim.

Click here to download the anash newsletter.
Click here to download the mivtzoim newsletter.

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