New Publication Will Help Find Unity Within Diversity

At a time when so much is polarized, the need for unity is stronger than ever. The Rebbe Rashab’s Kuntres ‘Heichaltzu’, which addresses how to find harmony even among diversity, is going to print soon.

In our polarized society, tensions are high. Seeds of judgmentalism, discord, and enmity are sprouting. 

Learn Lessons in Heichaltzu.

Heichaltzu, a discourse delivered by the Rebbe Rashab, revolutionizes human relationships. Through mystical thoughts and Chassidic concepts, the Rebbe Rashab probes beyond dissension and examines the spiritual roots of the all too familiar human tendency.

This magnum opus on relationships addresses daily human irritability, cosmic polarity and divisiveness, and how to achieve harmony. The discourse does not suggest a monotonized society, but rather a society where unity prevails within the diversity.

On Chof Cheshvan 5748, the Lubavitcher Rebbe distributed Heichaltzu Kuntreisim to boys and girls above the ages of 12 and 11 respectively. The invaluable message of this discourse is evident in the Rebbe’s encouraging and atypical wishes to each of its recipients, “Hatzlachadike Lernin– A successful learning.” 

Soon after, with guidance from the Rebbe, Sichos in English began to spread this fundamental message with their first edition, On Ahavas Yisroel – Heichaltzu. Now, Lessons in Heichaltzu has been remodelled to include additional insights and footnotes to enrich the learner’s experience. 

Honoring the 100th year of the Rebbe Rashab’s passing, Sichos in English has been disseminating reader friendly pamphlets of the new Lessons in Heichaltzu in the acclaimed Lessons in Maamarim format. The chapter long pamphlets are shared with hundreds of subscribers via weekly emails and WhatsApps. 

As Sichos in English prepares the final chapters, the hope is to culminate this initiative and print Lessons in Heichaltzu in celebration of Chof Cheshvan, the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday.

Partner with Sichos in English to bring the ever prevalent insights of Lessons in Heichaltzu to learners worldwide. You can celebrate the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday in a meaningful way by honoring the Rebbe Rashab and gifting yourself the Rebbe’s teachings.. 

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