New Publication to Inspire Action Ahead of Yud Shvat

As has been reported, Chassidim around the world are preparing for 10 Shevat 5780 marking the 70th jubilee of the Rebbe’s Nesius. 

As part of the preparations, Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus has published a special kovetz (booklet) containing a collection of sichos in which the Rebbe expounded on the importance of the date of the kabolas ha’nesius and the special significance of the number seventy.

Even before the Nesius, the Rebbe encouraged that the date of a milestone anniversary be utilized as an inspiration to add in Torah and mitzvos and spreading Chassidus.

The significance and meaning of the number seventy was explained by the Rebbe numerous times, most notably on the occasion of his seventieth birthday during which the Rebbe charged chassidim to intensify activities of hafotzas hamayonos in an unprecedented way by establishing 71 new institutions within a year.

The Previous Rebbe also lived for seventy years and even back in the times of the Mishna R. Elozar Ben Azaryah was “like seventy years” old when he assumed the Nesius and empowered Am Yisroel to be able to connect their life in golus with the times of Moshiach.

The sichos published in the kovetz are unique and striking. In them we find the Rebbe teaching, that on the day of a Yartzeit of a previous Rebbe, which is the day that a new Rebbe assumed leadership, the main emphasis for Chassidim should be placed on the aspect of it being the day of Nesius of the new Rebbe.

The kovetz is available here and has been produced in a special way with a link after each excerpt enabling access to the full sicha.

Communities and Shuls who are interested in ordering copies of the booklet can fill out a form here. The booklets will be available for pick up during the weekend of Kinus Hashluchim. 

The kovetz is the first project of many planned by the Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus  to help communities and individuals around the world prepare to mark this special milestone in the most fitting and appropriate way. Stay tuned for details forthcoming over the coming weeks. 

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