New Publication Clarifies the Rebbe’s Moshiach Strategy

The whole Moshiach topic can be confusing for many, and it’s not surprising. A new booklet by Merkos 302’s Moshiach Office seeks to clearifies the Rebbe’s multi-pronged approach to hastening the geulah.

The whole Moshiach topic can be confusing for many, and it’s not surprising. We are living in a twilight zone on the edge of the Geulah, and twilight zones are inherently confusing. It is neither here nor there. Especially when it comes to an event like Moshiach that has never occurred before in history, its can be hard to digest and given our current, pre-geulah reality, most of us find it hard to fathom.

The Rebbe’s passion for Moshiach is impossible to ignore. Whether you are learning Sichos regularly or haven’t opened up a sicha since yeshiva or seminary, you have a sense that Moshiach is something major in the life of a contemporary Lubavitcher.

But rarely do we take serious stock to clarify what exactly does the Rebbe want with this whole Moshaich thing. There are slogans and cliches, but it would do us well to define what is expected of us at this time. A clear vision empowers us to confidentiality move forward.

Enter the newest release from the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 entitled “Current & Relevant: The Rebbe’s call to adopt a Moshiach Mindset.”  This booklet introduces the new Tut Altz initiative, called ‘We Don’t Have to Wait,’ but also accomplishes way beyond that. It clarifies the multi-pronged approach of the Rebbe in regards to hastening the geulah, leaving the reader enlightened and empowered to do so.

The readership spans all ages and levels of affiliation. “Everyone can benefit from this new release,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, “young and old, beginners and the well-versed alike!”

The central theme of the booklet is to properly categorize the different elements of the Rebbe’s “moshiach campaign,” giving even the most versed chossid a fresh perspective. The Rebbe’s push for Moshiach is so grand and muliti-faceted it can be hard to understand. This categorization is key to clarity, which dispels much of the confusion. It posits four general, equally important elements for the chossid to attain and share.

  1. Awaiting Moshiach. The focus on awaiting Moshiach as the core tenet of Yiddishkeit
  2. Demanding Moshiach. The Rebbe’s insistence to go beyond waiting for Moshiach at its predestined time and demand from Hashem to immediate his coming constantly.
  3. Bringing Moshiach. The dramatic shift of placing the responsibility of Moshiach’s coming upon each individual – to do all we can to make it happen.
  4. Living Moshiach. The Rebbe’s call to adopt a Moshiach Mindset.

After this key clarification, the booklet serves as an introduction to the current campaign from the Moshiach Office, in partnership with JLI and SIE, which focuses on the fourth element. We learn that living Moshiach is dependent on the adoption of a Moshiach Mindset.

What is a Moshiach Mindset? How does one attain it? These are the questions that are brilliantly answered within its pages.

“A most rewarding aspect of this booklet is it’s clarity in presenting the Rebbe’s desire for Moshiach in a systematic way,” says Rabbi Shmuly Litvin. “Also, before reading ‘Current & Relevant’, I was certain that the idea of a ‘Moshiach Mindset’ was a lofty, distant ideal. I have since made the mental switch, recognizing that this is something current and relevant for even the simple guy.”

Click here to download the new booklet.

Click here to listen to the material in audiobook format

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