New Publication Aids Likkutei Sichos Study

As Halikut prepares to commence for its third year, a new publication has been produced by the Vaad Hatmimim to help bochurim in their study of Chelek Lamed of Likkutei Sichos.

As Halikut prepares to commence this week for its third year, a new publication has been produced by the Vaad Hatmimim for the record number of bochurim who will be learning cheilek lamed of Likkutei Sichos this year as part of Halikut.

Skillfully authored by Menachem Wolff, and edited with the meticulous eye of Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, the handbook contains several features, each designed to aid the learner in thoroughly grasping the Rebbe’s holy Torah. They are:

Introduction to each Sicha: A brief introduction before each sicha designed to help the learner begin the sicha with a prior foundation and basic feel of what the Rebbe is coming to teach.

Translation of quotes: An average sicha of the Rebbe contains quotes from multiple sources, the translation and meaning of many of which can be foreign to the learner. Therefore, many of the sources which the reader may find difficult have been translated and explained. The literal translation appears in bold text, while additional text added for further clarity and sentence structure appears in regular text.

Se’if summaries: To aid in recognizing the main point laid forth in each se’if of the sicha, and to assist in the reviewing of the sichos, a brief summary encapsulating the focal point discussed in the se’if appears after each se’if.

Review questions: To ensure the learner has comprehensively learned and understood the sicha, five review questions are included at the end of each sicha. The questions presented place a particular focus on the specific details and sources the Rebbe discusses, many of which are not addressed in the Se’if summaries. Learners are strongly advised to look through the questions after completing each sicha.

Roshei teivos: The learner may find it difficult to decipher the many abbreviations found in the sichos. Therefore a list of roshei teivos is added at the end of each sicha.

Download the booklet here.

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