New Project Partners Businessmen With Yungerleit to Learn

A new project pairs Crown Heights Anash with top yungeleit as chavrusas, delivering a uniquely rich experience for both.

After leaving Yeshiva, many people crave the stimulation, camaraderie and accountability of a great chavrusa. A new service called YungeLights brings that experience to Crown Heights Anash.

“When you have just an hour or two to commit to fixed learning, you want that time to really count,” says Eli, a 32-year-old founder and investor. “But the more limited your time, the harder it is to find a great match for your schedule and level.”

It’s a catch-22 that many Anash echoed.

With the yeshiva atmosphere behind them, they crave the energy of learning with a friend on their wavelength. At the same time, most of their peers are as busy and business-brained as they are.

YungeLights bridges this gap, with great chavrusas handpicked for each person based on knowledge, passion and personality.

“When you click with someone, the learning takes on a whole new excitement,” says Rabbi Levi Browd, director of Yagdil Torah and YungeLights. He credits the idea to what he has seen as the two greatest drivers of a successful learning commitment: a passionate teacher and meaningful social connection.

YungeLights aims to be a beacon of brightness in each partner’s life; a weekly appointment to dig deep into Torah and find daily relevance, without presuming fluency in Chazal or concepts in Chasidus.

Chavrusas are available at almost all times and on all days currently, in 60-minute slots.

Learning takes place @ the place of your convenience with Yagdil Torah’s bright and beautiful Heichal on Empire as the central location.

Being matched with a chavrusa requires only a commitment to try. After a first encounter, each partner is asked privately if they choose to continue. And with the cost currently subsidized by an anonymous Crown Heights businessman, chavrusas do not expect payment or tips from their Anash partners.

As for the chavrusa’s experience? “To learn a maamar about Tirdos HaParnassa with a chavrusa who lives deep within it brings a richness you don’t typically get from a Yeshiva or Kollel chavrusa.”

Limited reservations remain to make your first connection with a YungeLights chavrusa.

Choose your schedule, style and level at

Maximize this program by sponsoring chavrusa pairs – contact Yagdil Torah @ 347.223.5943 or visit

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