New “Project Inclusivity” Honors Rabbi Eli Baitelman

Chabad Early Childhood announced a brand new year-round program for Chabad House preschools which implements inclusivity in a practical and Jewish way. It was dedicated to Rabbi Eli Baitelman a”h.

Chabad Early Childhood of the Shluchim Office announces a brand new year-round program for preschools which implements inclusivity in a practical, meaningful and Jewish way. This program offers training for teachers in this new teaching method as well as marketing techniques and recruitment strategies for directors to stand out in their community as an inclusive school.

With the rise of preschools buzzing about inclusive classrooms and curriculums, Chabad Early Childhood has created a full year program on inclusivity with the Torah perspective, highlighting Jewish values and directives in Chinuch from the Lubavitcher Rebbe. 

Starting with the teachers and how they approach lesson planning to include each student’s needs, and extending to the preschool culture, parent connection, and community involvement, this robust program facilitates growth and warmth in your early childhood center. Students will benefit tremendously from this tailored approach in education that values the individual and their unique learning needs.

This brand new initiative has been dedicated to Rabbi Eli Baitelman of blessed memory. Eli was a tremendous Baal Chesed, who treated every individual he encountered with love and respect. Eli’s many unassuming acts of kindness, left an everlasting impression on so many. In his Zechus, Chabad preschools globally will participate in this program, continuing his message of spreading love, kindness and positivity.

The project includes teacher training, curriculum samples, marketing materials, and information for community wide programs. 

Shluchim can learn more by reaching out to [email protected].

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Chabad Early Childhood is a project of the Shluchim Office, supported by the Walder Foundation.

Click here for a video presentation about the project.

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