New Program Utilizes Summer Months to Learn About Moshiach

A brand new all-inclusive summer learning package, centered around Chavrusa learning sessions, aims to make Moshiach learning relevant and personal.  

A brand new learning program provides an ideal opportunity to utilize the relaxed summer months in a constructive and inspirational fashion. Designed for Lubavitcher communities, the program can be used for learning initiatives in Shuls, bungalow colonies, and staff in summer camps. The package includes all the resources needed for you to bring the program to your community. 

The curriculum is designed to be studied in four segments and centered around Chavrusa-based learning sessions. The program is flexibly structured to be learned once a week over four weeks, twice-weekly over two weeks, or any other variation. A project of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, the program is geared towards Bochurim, high school students, seminary and post-seminary young women and adults. The enjoyable lessons introduce the unique Moshiach approach to wanting and awaiting the Geula in a novel fashion. 

Titled ‘Aspiration,’ the program will be available (at discounted rates) to community leaders and coordinators for purchase on Sunday, 27 Sivan. ‘Aspiration’ is based on selections of the fundamental Maamar of Ve’ata Tetzaveh, the latest Maamar to be edited and distributed by the Rebbe. Fundamental concepts about Moshiach and awaiting his imminent arrival are explored in a practical and relatable way through the lens of the Maamar. 

“The summer months, containing the three weeks, including two fast days mourning the Churban Beis Hamikdash, are naturally very Moshiach oriented. This program provides the proper context, allowing people to learn and internalize Moshiach in a real and practical way,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302.

The all-inclusive package supplies all the resources necessary to implement the program in the setting of your choice. Marketing materials, including Whatsapp and Instagram posts, info blurbs, and promotional flyers, are all provided in an editable format to feature custom dates and information. An organizer’s guide gives step-by-step instructions on ensuring the program’s success. 

Beautifully designed learning booklets present structured and developed lessons drafted for the ultimate Chavrusa experience. Engaging discussion cards aim to pull the Chavrusas into insightful and enlightening conversations. Recorded summaries of the studies help the student keep in mind the flow and progress of the program’s bigger picture. 

“Particular focus was given to ensure the lessons are interesting, engaging, and relatable. The Chavrusa setting allows individuals to process the information at their own pace while still receiving a thorough experience,” explained Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek, Director of the Moshiach Office.

At the close of the four sessions, a video presentation brings all that was learned into the full picture, summarizing all that was learned.

“The Tut Altz learning initiatives have been very well received in our community,” shares Rabbi Motti Rubin, Shliach in Albany, NY. “I have seen how people are much more receptive to learning Torah in the summer months, and I look forward to sharing this amazing curriculum here in Albany.”

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