New Program Offers Mindshift For Schools Students

An innovative curriculum launching in schools brings Moshiach into the lives of students. Throughout the year, monthly international Hakhel gatherings will help connect the classroom with everyday life. 

Children have returned from camp, and families are settling back into their regular routines -It’s the start of the new school year. A new curriculum being launched looks to bring a spark and spirit into the daily routine of young kids. The Live With Geulah Now series, released previously in beta-form, has been expanded and developed into a year-long program, promising to bring Moshiach into the reality of school students. 

Built and designed for children, the lessons explore fundamental ideas surrounding Moshiach based on the Rebbe’s Sichos. Live With Geulah Now is a project of Tut Altz, a division of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. Nine segments, each spanning three to four weeks, explore various topics regarding the time directly preceding the coming of Moshiach, as well as our ability and obligation to bring about his arrival. 

“Children growing up in Dor Hashvii have a unique and special role in Jewish history,” explained Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “It’s important that in addition to learning about the future Geulah, we study its implications on our lives today.”

The concepts are presented as child-friendly, accompanied by stories, colorful illustrations, and practical applications. Beautifully designed workbooks are provided to each child to follow and review the lessons. 

A comprehensive teacher’s guide walks teachers through every lesson with ideas and suggestions on best presenting the concepts. Lesson plans are thoroughly developed and clearly laid out in the guide. To go along with each lesson, captivating slideshows have been designed to maintain students’ focus and attention. 

Prior to each segment, a live virtual teacher training session will be held to help teachers familiarize themselves with the lessons and discuss with various presenters. Ideas on presentation, as well as the implementation of the lessons, will be examined. Representatives from the TutAltz team will be available for teachers to reach out with questions or concerns throughout the year.

Additional resources are provided for teachers to enhance and supplement each segment. Review worksheets help students retain the key concepts discussed throughout the lessons. Fun and competitive games, as well as engaging discussion cards, are included to capture the students from various avenues and angles. Weekly Shabbos table companions allow the children to bring the ideas home and proudly share them with their families. 

Being a year of Hakhel, a monthly event will be hosted live each month at the conclusion of each four-week segment. The virtual Hakhel gatherings will bring together children in classrooms around the world. Practical applications of the lessons in the context of a Shnas Hakhel will highlight the events. 

“The Live With Geulah Now curriculum has made talk of Moshiach a reality in our home, said Rabbi Mendy Rubenfeld, Shliach in San Diego, “my children are discussing and sharing Sichos about Moshiach at our dinner table.”

The year of learning will culminate with a grand global Moshiach Contest, where the students will submit projects based on what they have learned.

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