New Podcast: Your Chumash Chevrusa

A brand new podcast with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Yusewitz makes the study of Chumash with Rashi more accessible than ever.

In the wake of the recent surge in newly established shiurim in Crown Heights by Rabbi Shlomi Greenwald in conjunction with “Irgun Torah” led by Rabbi Avrohom Rotban, the concept of a new podcast series was conceived.

Following the success of the Rambam Podcast learning group, “Your Chumash Chevrusa” podcast was created, with shiurim by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Yusewitz.

The new podcast is an easy way for those with a basic handle on Lashon Hakodesh to sit down in the evening and learn the daily portion of this weeks sedra in chitas with swift, clear in-text learning, at his own convenience.

Join the WhatsApp group here to receive the daily chumash.

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