New Podcast Highlights ‘Inspired Journeys’

A new podcast by Rabbi Dovid Caytak of Yerushalayim features exciting conversations with “people who make a difference.” Listen to the first episode with Rabbi Yoseph Zaltzman, director of JRCC in Ontario, on growing up in Russia.

Rabbi Dovid Caytak of Yerushalayim has launched a new podcast featuring conversations with “people who make a difference.”

Called “Inspired Journeys”, the podcast is a forum where Caytak interviews Yidden who have had inspiring Journeys in life. It is meant to be a place to learn from and draw inspiration, for introspection and reflection.

The first interview is with Rabbi Yoseph Zaltzman the director of the JRCC, a network of Chabad Houses for Russian-speaking Jews across Ontario, Canada.

In episode 1, we discuss growing up in Russia as Frum Yidden.
What did it take to not go to the atheistic schools of the time? 
What was the Chabad Community in Samarkand like? 
How did they find bochurim for the underground Yeshivos?
How did his father have the fortitude to risk everything in order to give his children a Chassidishe Chinuch.

In Episode 2 we discuss the Mashpiim who lived there, and the life in Yeshiva. 
What was leaving Russia like?
The first Farbrengen of the Rebbe that he heard over hookup and his first Yechidus with the Rebbe.
Reb Mendels first Farbrengen as the Mashpia of Kfar Chabad.
Reb Mendels Chavrusa with his father R’ Berel at 330 every morning.

Tune in and listen to all of that and much more.

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