Women Discuss ‘Finding Your Shlichus’ on New Podcast Episode

The latest episode on the ‘Bodies and Souls’ podcast, launched 6 weeks ago by Rivky Boyarsky and Sara Loewenthal, features an honest conversation with Mrs. Devorah Caytak on the internal work needed to find our personal shlichus.

“The Lubavitcher Rebbe directed us to move to Ottawa,” recounts Mrs. Devora Caytak, “and although my husband is a working professional, we became heavily involved in Shlichus immediately, opening up a mosad.

“There was talk, at some point, about whether our work would be under Merkos or function independently,” recalls Mrs. Devora Caytak. “I was strongly pushing for our mosad to be under Merkos, so when I walked by the Rebbe for dollars, I brought this up.

“The Rebbe is a father figure to me,” explains Mrs. Caytak, “so it was only natural that I would confide everything to him, yet the Rebbe’s answer left me perplexed and upset, wondering if I should have brought up this concern at all.

“The Rebbe handed me 5 dollars, and as the Rebbe handed the dollars to me, he said (loose translation), ‘this is for your shlichus, this is for your husband, this is for your children, this is for you, and this is for your library’ (the mosad that we had opened at the time).

“Only now, years later, can I appreciate the guidance the Rebbe was giving me. Focus on your Shlichus! Focus on raising your beautiful family! On Shalom Bayis! On being an Oved Hashem! This is the ikar… and when you remain focused on the goal, the rest will fall into place.”

This fascinating story and more can be listened to on the highly popular ‘Bodies and Souls’ podcast. Launched 6 weeks ago by Rivky Boyarsky and Sara Loewenthal, the podcast, which focuses on all types of health (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical etc.) has quickly shot up to the top 7% of podcasts out there.

With thousands of loyal listeners coming back for more, Rivky explains this phenomenon.

“People like our honesty,” Rivky explains. “Sara and I are both authentic people, and that is the product we are delivering. When we interviewed Devora Caytak, Sara’s mother and my aunt, we spoke openly about the work we had to do internally in finding our own Shlichus.”

“We are getting message after message from so many women, telling us how our podcast has been transformative,” says Sara. “‘Raising Chassidishe Kids with Dinie Gorman’ has gotten rave reviews, as Dinie skillfully talks about navigating the challenges that raising children comes with.”

“We launched with guidance and brachos from our Rav, and we see these brachos coming to fruition,” Rivky adds. “It is a privilege and zchus to be working on this project.”

Bodies & Souls is designed to talk about the topics that interest YOU, the listener. You will hear from Jewish women who are experts in their respective fields and share in a personal way. This podcast will touch your heart and souls as you connect to episodes that talk about things like Jewish Music with Chanale (a word renowned singer and producer), Enmeshment with Rachel Goldbaum (an international speaker and dating coach), Making a Simcha with Ahuva Fogelman (from On Time Celebration), and Self Regulation with Tai Aziza (a social worker who works with children in Toronto). 

Chabad women, unaffiliated women, as well as women along all spectrums of Jewish life are connecting and sharing episode after episode. Some of the upcoming episodes include sleep training your child, communication styles, navigating divorce, bitachon, having large families, and living life with joy.

You can find Bodies & Souls on our website, along with informative blog posts. All episodes are released on Mondays and shared on instagram @bodies.souls.

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