New Platform Makes Gifting Your Child’s Teacher a Breeze

‘Thank You Teacher,’ a new online platform by Chasdei Lev, makes it simple and convenient to send a gift and note of thanks to your child’s rebbi or morah.

It’s never been easier to say thank you.

Chasdei Lev is proud to introduce Thank Your Teacher, a simple, convenient gifting platform where parents, talmidim and talmidos can show their Hakaras Hatov to their Rebbeim and Moros in a financial way. 

The platform’s easy convenience means that parents can finally take care of gifting in the moment, instead of postponing and possibly forgetting about it altogether. All funds are sent directly to the selected Rebbi or Morah, along with your personal note of gratitude.

Over the years, we’ve done our best to spread awareness about the importance of thanking our devoted Rebbeim and Moros, the incredible individuals who are mechanech our children, day in and day out, with unwavering commitment and dedication. 

Thank Your Teacher is the perfect opportunity to show our gratitude to them. They are not only the heroes of their students, but the heroes of Klal Yisroel. There is no one more deserving of our appreciation.

To thank your Rebbi or Morah, click here.

List of participating Lubavitch Mosdos via Igud Hamelamdim:

Oholei Torah
ULY Crown St.
ULY Ocean Parkway
Darchai Menachem
Ohr Menachem
Queens Mesivta
Cheder at the Ohel
Chovevei Torah
770 Yeshiva
Monsey – Cheder Chabad, Mesivta
Kingston PA – Cheder, Mesivta
Gan Yisroel Boro Park


Why is CL facilitating this appreciation campaign?

Chasdei Lev’s goal is to show our Rebbeim and Moros the appreciation they deserve for their tireless devotion to Klal Yisroel. We are providing an easy and convenient way for you to show and get that gratitude directly to all your Rebbeim/Moros in a singular and respectful manner.

Is there a fee to use this platform?

We do charge a nominal postage/handling fee. All other costs are covered by our generous donors.

What if my Yeshiva/School or Rebbi/Teacher isn’t listed?

You can request to add a Yeshiva/School and Rebbi/Teacher on our website and our team will look into adding it.

How does CL distribute the funds to Rebbeim and Moros?

Chasdei Lev maintains a database of Rebbeim and Moros, who through their Yeshivos/Schools are already signed up, as part of our other programs. When your funds are submitted through our site, your Rebbi or Morah will receive an automatically generated check together with your personal note.

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  1. I remember 7 years ago coming home from a day of teaching recieving an email from Igud Hamelmadim that we are are connecting to Chasdei Lev.

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