New Petach Tikvah Kolel Welcomes American Yungeleit

A new kollel named “Beit Midrash LeHoraah” in central Petach Tikvah is opening under the leadership of American-born rov, Rabbi Chaim Hillel Raskin. The kollel will focus on in-depth halacha and preparation for Rabbanut tests, and welcomes American couples.

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new kollel named “Beit Midrash LeHorah” in central Petach Tikvah, under the leadership of Rabbi Chaim Hillel Raskin. This kollel focuses on in-depth halachic studies and preparation for the Rabbanut tests. The studies will take place at Petach Tikvah’s Tzemach Tzedek Shul and will begin on Rosh Chodesh Elul.

The curriculum includes learning halacha from the basics to a high practical level, with special emphasis on practical application and preparation for the rabbinate exams. Additionally, the kollel aims to introduce a Torah and Chassidic atmosphere to the community, fostering spirituality and Torah leadership. The yungeleit will receive a nice stipend to support their studies and livelihood.

The Chabad community in Petach Tikvah is a vibrant and active growing community, offering a wide range of shiurim and farbrengens. The community operates preschools, kindergarten, cheder, and girls’ school. Additionally, it supports a chesed fund called “Keren Anash,” a women’s learning center “Midreshet Nitzotzos,” various women’s classes, and the “Shifra and Puah” program to help women during childbirth and recovery. There are also many activities for children, including “Bat Melech” for girls, “Bnot Chabad” for high school girls, “Avos Ubanim,” “Pansaim,” and “Yeshivas Erev” for boys, and children gatherings on special occasions.

With over 100 Chabad families, the community is based out of the historic Tzemach Tzedek Shul, which is over 100 years old. Conveniently situated in the center of Israel, the community enjoys easy transportation access, with the light rail stopping right next to the shul.

Registration is now open. For more details and to register, please send an email to: [email protected]. Hurry to reserve your place!

Rabbi Raskin emphasizes: “Our goal is to provide yungeleit with deep and practical halachic training, preparing them not only for the Rabbanut tests but also for piskei halacha in everyday life. Additionally, we aim to bring a Torah and Chassidishe atmosphere to our community, so that the yungeleit become beacons of light for their families and the community, making a kiddush sheim Lubavitch.”

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