New Pesach Digest Will Transform Your Yomtov

Bodies and Souls’, a platform for women that centers around conversations of growth and self-care, has created a unique digest that will change your perspective on Pesach and will teach and guide you.

“Reading has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember,” says Rivky Boyarsky. “I find high quality, informative literature that is relevant to my life as a Chossid and a Yid so enriching.” 

Sara agrees. “I can read and re-read something that moves me, because it changes me from the inside out.”

“And in putting together our Pesach digest, this was our goal,” explains Rivky. “We have put together a finely curated Pesach digest which promises to have insightful, meaningful content for you. It will have a wide array of articles and essays written by a variety of women who explore Pesach as never seen before, in a personal and insightful manner.”

“Our platform, Bodies & Souls, has thousands of women from all over the world listening to our weekly podcast, and reading our fascinating blog posts,” says Sara, “and we are excited to be publishing our first ever Pesach Digest.” 

The shared passion for health, both spiritual and physical, as well as education in all areas of their lives, propelled Rivky Boyarsky and Sara Loewenthal to launch Bodies & Souls, a platform for Frum women. Bodies & Souls covers topics on women’s health – both spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental – and aims to promote all forms of lifelong health and well-being education.

Rivky and Sara envision the Bodies & Souls community of women sitting down to a cup of tea, reading the digest, and feeling connected while reading meaningful, articulate and well-thought-out articles and content. 

Want a sneak peak at some of the articles? You will have to wait! But Chavie Bruk, Sara Blau, Esther Hadasa, Zeldy Cunin and Rivka Goldstein are some of the authors behind our exclusive digest which will keep you enthralled and wanting more. 

Consider the Pesach digest a gift for yourself! Buy a copy for yourself and for a friend at Currently, printed version are for sale (with free shipping in the US and Canada). A PDF version will be for sale shortly, on our website,

While you’re waiting for your copy, stream an episode or two on a variety of topics related to YOU on or any major streaming app, and follow us on Instagram @bodies.souls. We can’t wait to connect with you. 

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