New Music Video Thanks Teachers for Their Impact

In a new music video produced by Chasdei Lev titled “Rebbi, It’s All From You!” Benny Friedman highlights the impact teachers on have on their students’ Shabbos and beyond.

Chasdei Lev is an organization dedicated to supporting rebbis across the country, including hundreds in Lubavitch mosdos in conjunction with the Crown Heights based Igud Hamelamdim Chinuch Organization.

In recent years, Chasdei Lev has released a number of inspiring songs and music videos, depicting the real-life impact of our Rebbeim, teachers, and Moros. Today, we’re excited to release a new hit song and music video starring world-renowned, singing sensation Benny Friedman, titled “Rebbi, It’s All From You!”

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Produced by: Yechiel Schron
Composed and directed by: Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli
Arranged and mixed by: Ravid Kashti
Child vocalist: Raphael Shmueli
Vocals produced by: Doni Gross
Vocals recorded at: DeG Studios, Brooklyn, NY and Studio 6, Lakewood, NJ
Video produced and directed by: Moshe Finkelstein- CrunchTime media

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