New Music Video Submissions to Honor Your Child’s Morah

A new music video featuring singer Chaviva Tarlow will feature special Morahs from around the world. Submit your child’s Morah to get her the recognition she deserves…

By reporter

A new music video featuring singer, Chaviva Tarlow, will honor morahs from around the world. Each morah’s name will be displayed, with a sentence describing how they touched their student. Teachers are the most important figures in society; what they do is for the cause, they work for hours overtime, and impact our children in the deepest ways.

Knowing what we each know about the amazing morahs that dedicated their year to our children this year, we can pool together the names of all the incredible women who patiently and lovingly devoted their lives to our children with this one powerful video.

“The morahs are the ones on the pedestal in our children’s lives,” shares Chaviva, “and deserve to be revered and respected. They put their heart and soul into their job and don’t necessarily see the impact they had on their students.

“I have a memory of a teacher who touched me deeply many years ago when I was in high school. I don’t think she has any idea how much she affected me. I was inspired to produce this video so teachers can get recognition from their students on how much they touched their lives.

“When I was recording the song in the studio, I was thinking about my 3-year-old daughter’s morah who means the world to my daughter. It made me emotional thinking about how much she has given to my daughter and how my daughter grew so much. It’s the end of the school year, and I want the morahs to know that they are invaluable to our children’s lives and chinuch.”

If you’d like to honor a morah, email your morah’s name, name of school, location and a line describing how she touched you to [email protected].

The submissions are free and will be anonymous.

Send your submission by Tuesday, June 18.

Sponsorship opportunity available:
Sponsor the video in honor of a Morah or in memory of a loved one. 
Contact [email protected] for sponsorship.

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