New Mitzvah Campaign to Honor Rabbi Shimon Raichik

This Friday will mark the 69th birthday of Rabbi Shimon Raichik a”h, beloved rov of the Lubavitcher community in Los Angeles. His family is launching an ambitious Mitzvah campaign in his honor.

This Friday, 13 Teves, will mark the 69th birthday of Rabbi Shimon Raichik a”h, beloved rov of the Lubavitcher community in Los Angeles, who passed away two weeks ago.

To mark this milestone, Rabbi Raichik’s family is launching a Mitzvah campaign to establish 70 new projects in his merit.

“Our inspiration for this ambitious project comes from a story involving Rabbi Aharon Dov Sufrin,” a family member tells Rabbi Sufrin was the director of education in London, which included schools, camps, and Talmud Torahs. As the activities expanded, his job grew more difficult. In 1972, just after his 42nd birthday, he went to the Rebbe for Shavous. He told the Rebbe that he was overwhelmed and asked that his obligations be greatly reduced.

The Rebbe smiled and said “I recently turned 70 and undertook to create 71 new Mosdos this year. I would like you to undertake 43 new projects this year.” Instead of agreeing to relieve him of his responsibilities, the Rebbe helped him realize his great potential.

Rabbi Sufrin bought a filing cabinet and made 43 files. One file for each project. He would run every project by the Rebbe. A project didn’t necessarily mean a new Mosad. Bringing in a new family to the community or working individually with people in the community were considered projects as well. By the end of the year, he had not only not reduced any of his responsibilities, but he now had 43 brand new projects as well.

“We want to expand on our father’s activities and create 70 new projects of Maasim Tovim,” the family member said. “Although he cannot take on a Hachloto himself, his merit will surely assist everyone in succeeding in this ambitious birthday gift.”

Examples of projects are: Organize a consistent Shiur in Niglah or Chassidus, organize a Taharas hamishpacha review, give special attention to a family or individual to bring closer Bruchnius or to help Bgashmius, facilitate Sholom between individuals (can be yourself), Kasher a kitchen, Encourage a woman to go to Mikvah, encourage someone to put on Tefillin daily, to list a few.

“Anyone who is unable to take on a whole project can take upon themselves even a single Mitzvah, even as a one-time thing as well. We would love to get 70 projects and as many Mitzvos/Mivtzoim as possible.”

“Thank you for joining us in honoring our father. May all these Mitzvos bring about the coming of Moshiach immediately, when we will all be reunited with our loved ones!”

Click here to enter the campaign page.

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