New Mikvah to Open in the Poconos Mountains

After years of building and fundraising, the new Mikvah Rachel Leah in the Poconos Mountains will open to service the many Jewish locals and guests who visit the region.

A state-of-the-art beautiful brand new mikvah was opened in the Poconos Mountains after much planning and preparation. Mikvah Rachel Leah is now open and running, and will celebrate its grand opening on Zayin Cheshvan.

At a time in which we feel overwhelmed by the news of our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel, it is especially encouraging and joyous to see Jewish life continue to grow and flourish.

Therefore, enjoy the opportunity to celebrate a huge milestone of Jewish life in the Poconos. 

Making history, Mikvah Rachel Leah, The mikvah of the Poconos Mountains is opening its doors, and you’re invited to join in the celebration!

Whether they are one of the thousands of Jews who call the Poconos home or are amongst the estimated 100,000 travelers who visit the region each year, every Jewish person now has access to a magnificent state-of-the-art mikvah in the Poconos region.  

Built under the direction of renowned mikvah expert Rabbi Yirmiya Katz, and in partnership with MikvahUSA, Mikvah Rachel Leah is finally complete and the doors are now ready to open!  

In the past few short weeks, the mikvah has already hosted Jewish people of all backgrounds, as this cornerstone mitzvah unites them through Jewish tradition and sanctity. 

An exciting addition to the mikvah is the Taharas Hamishpocha Lounge, where mikvah-related classes and learning opportunities will abound, as they uplift and inspire in this precious mitzvah. This is truly a mikvah worth celebrating!

Whether through your generous donation, or your support by attending the grand opening, you are partnering in sustaining and growing the new mikvah of the Poconos!

Donations of any amount are welcome, and there are special sponsorship opportunities that will further the mikvah’s growth and development.

So join the celebration!

The Grand Opening will take place on October 22 – Zayin Cheshvan

At 308 Playhouse Lane, Cresco, PA 18326 

Starting at 2:00 PM

The event will include live music, a delicious buffet, guest speakers, a mikvah tour, and special children’s programming.  

All are welcome to join the grand opening event, and are encouraged to donate towards this great cause. RSVP at

Additionally, the mikvah’s campus includes a beautiful short term rental home with a full Kosher kitchen that is available to frum families looking to enjoy a Poconos stay. Enjoy a wonderful getaway experience, while supporting the new mikvah!

Together let’s celebrate the growth of kedushas Yisroel:
Learn more about the mikvah or book a appointment at

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