New Mentoring Initiative Launched in Memory of Levi Heintz

A new community-wide mentoring program is being launched in memory of Levi Heintz a”h who always offered a helping hand, or as a shoulder to lean on.

This past year has brought changes few, if any, of us could have predicted. Sickness. The early passing of loved ones. The constant isolation. This doesn’t have to be the new normal. We can rise above it. Enough is enough.

Since Levi Heintz’s tragic passing, friends and family have worked to keep his memory alive. And allow his legacy to flourish. Levi wanted to empower people. Whether he did so at work with a smile, on the street with a helping hand, or as a shoulder to lean on – a light for direction. Every day he made sure people knew they were heard, seen, and respected.

The best gift we can give the world is to continue Levi’s avodah as a community-wide mentoring program. Accordingly, we established the Levi Yitzchak Mentorship Fund for Young Adults to be facilitated with the combined expertise of Aliya Institute and Neshamos.

This vital work will be overseen by a trained staffer and undergo continuous, advanced development. Already, a website is being built for registering/screening mentors and mentees. Once matched, participants will have one-on-one mentorship and individual therapy sessions available. Group events will also be held, with a special emphasis on health, safety and privacy.

On September 24th/ 6th of Tishrei, in honor of Levi’s Shloshim, the Levi Yitzchak Mentorship Fund is partnering with families and community, in a 2 day campaign to raise $100,000. Every dollar given to the campaign is another crack in the wall of isolation. To breathe life into this essential project, Levi’s family is giving the first $12,000.

Your partnership is essential in ensuring the longevity, success and overall enrichment of our community.

To join with your neighbors near and far, please visit

May this very special project bring Levi’s neshamah the ultimate aliyah and return all the young neshamos who’ve left us at a ripe young age, with the revelation of Moshiach.

Levi’s friends and family

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  1. We are in the process of building a platform to sign up. once its ready we wil be postin an article with links to sing up as a mentor or mentee

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