New Magid Shiur to Join Arizona Mesivta

Following on the heels of a successful inaugural year, the Arizona Mesivta located in Scottsdale has announced that Rabbi Abi Naparstek will be joining their dedicated staff as Magid Shiur of Shiur Beis.

Following on the heels of a successful inaugural Shiur Alef, the Arizona Mesivta located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is excited to announce the hiring of Rabbi Abi Naparstek, as lead Magid Shiur of Shiur Beis.

The appointment of Rabbi Neparskek as a Magid Shiur and a member of Hanhola of the Yeshiva, will complement the existing staff of the Mesivta: Rabbis: Dechter, Levertov, Lew, and Thaler.

Rabbi Naparstek has made a mark as an excellent Mechanech, teacher, and mentor with many formative years of experience teaching Mesivta age Bochurim. Most recently, Rabbi Naparstek served as a Magid Shiur of Shiur Gimmel Oholei Torah Mesivta.

His expert and refreshing approach to Chinuch, Chasidishe Hanachos and devotion to his students perfectly aligns with the Yeshiva’s mission statement, coupled with his ability to uplift and encourage the Bochurim under his care, makes him a perfect match for the next stage of development of the Mesivta.

The Mesivta in Arizona has earned a stellar reputation due to its commitment for excellence and encouraging its student body to grow from within and reach ever higher.

Having concluded a successful first year, the next chapter is being written with a focus on building on this success by expanding the Yeshiva to a Shiur Alef and Beis, which will ensure the Yeshiva is well on its way to cementing its reputation as a serious option for a committed Bochur.

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